Tuesday, November 23, 2010

No Wading

There's no wading
In the deep end

You owe me a hundred dollars
And you stole my clothes
You're an alkie and a junkie
And what else heaven knows

You're a liar and pathetic
You play off being weak
You suffer endlessly
To mumble what you speak

You smoke smoke and smoke
And seem to have no regrets
As to what it takes
When jonesin for a cigarette

You're unreliable to the max
You're a thief and a punk
You live in filth and dirt
And fill your head with junk

About how everybody does you
And that includes your brothers too
You're a user loser abuser and accuser
Selling everybody out with every word you say

And everything you do


You won't take baths
And won't eat right
You drink coffee constantly
And stay up all night

Thinkin up dumb shit
And makin your mind a mess
You never earn your way
You're the perpetual pest guest

Except that you are really dangerous
Especially when you drink
You're a scammer jammer get up and scrammer
Who swears his shit doesn't stink

But you'll say anything
You sneak peek and reak
Hide packs in the bushes
And act all confused and meek

You're a danger to anyone near you
Man woman or child
The only reason you seek out the sacred
Is because it is something you love to defile

You weild guilt like an axe handle
Like a mad wounded thing you persevere
You'll drag anybody down with you
You're headed for consequences

Dire and severe

8:13 am
transcribed this time
8:25 am


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